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***** since 2003 *****

Get traffic from dozens of Manual Traffic Exchanges with ONE SINGLE BUY.

Manual hits only. No autohits.
No bots, no popups nor other fancy hits where almost no one really sees your site.

* 200+ TE's involved *

*** Cards, Paypal, most cryptocurrencies, bank transfer ***

Why deal with dozens of traffic exchanges when you may just promote your URL on hundreds of them with one single order - and for less money AND NO RISK?

Since 2003 at Coop-Hits we buy large amount of traffic from hundreds of traffic exchanges and resell it in smaller packages.

We assume all the risks for you:

* A Traffic Exchange needs ages to deliver the traffic you bougth?

* Another Traffic Exchange shuts down before it could deliver all the traffic you bought?

* ...and how about that Traffic Exchange that sells you credits that you think are each worth 1 visit and only afterwards you realize that each hit actually costs 2, 5 or even 10 credits?

* And how about those where the visits come from click farms in Sri Lanka or Bangladesh or from bots?


Give us a try. credit packages start at only 10 U$.

1 credit = 1 hit to your website
1 credit = 100 impressions of your banner

Minimum order 2,500 credits

Click here for TERMS & CONDITIONS, FAQ, and legal stuff,

thus you know exactly what you are buying

Use the buttons below to pay with BITCOIN or any other cryptocurrency : over 30 supported!

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2,500 credits = 10 US$

5,000 credits = 15 US$

10,000 credits = 20 US$

25,000 credits = 25 US$

50,000 credits = 45 US$

100,000 credits = 88 US$

200,000 credits = 175 US$

400,000 credits = 345 US$

600,000 credits = 500 US$

1,000,000 credits = 820 US$

Use the button below to pay with CARD* or PAYPAL or Bank Transfer
* Credit/Debit/Prepay cards go through Paypal but if you don't have a Paypal account don't worry: you don't need one

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After paying send us your url and/or banner at

danielcatania @ (without the spaces!)

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